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YFA 5314



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This is two films taken by Edward Warburton: the first of Baitings Reservoir near Ripponden, Halifax, in an advanced stage of being built around 1953; the second of a family holiday to Norfolk Broads.

The film begins filming from the front of a vehicle as it drives along various roads.  Then it shows a sports car followed by various other vehicles.  Next, the dam at Baitings Reservoir is in the process of being tested, and construction work still underway in the surrounding area.

The second film is on the Norfolk Broads, with lots of boats out near the Wherry Hotel.  There are also some small boats, with a boy out fishing on a rowing boat.  Then there is a race between two speed boats.  On the side of a waterway, with many moored boats, a man unpacks gear from the boot of a Jaguar car, and the film finishes with a family posing next to a boat.