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NEFA 21403



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A comic scenario on how not to load film in a changing bag, staged on the cliffs at Cresswell, Northumberland, by a cast and production team from the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers (ACA). The location shoot probably took place following a car rally organised by the cine club in 1963 and features scenes on the beach.

Title: A.C.A. Cine Motor Rally 1963

Title: In the Bag [over sequence of family setting up sun chairs next to their car, parked at Cresswell, Northumberland]

At Cresswell, destination of the 1963 Cine Motor Rally organised by Newcastle ACA, a father settles into a sun chair next to his bored younger son. His older son reaches into the car for his father’s cine camera and tripod. He sets off to shoot some film on the beach.

He sets up his equipment in the sand dunes at Cresswell where people are relaxing and having fun. A vignette shot is used to illustrate what the older son is filming. He shoots some voyeuristic film of an attractive woman sunbathing in the sand dunes, dressed in a pink strapless bikini. He checks the camera and sees that he has run out of film.

He races back to the car and tells his father, who checks the camera. His father gets out a long black changing bag from the car. His young son helps him get the camera still attached to the tripod into the changing bag. The older son watches his father get out a new film and proceed to try and retrieve the old one, his hands getting stuck in the bag. He’s having a bit of trouble. He almost drops the bag. He pulls out his hand which is caught in the film, his watch strap entangled. The young son sniggers at his father’s difficulties. The father has another go, the young son still snickering. He finally manages to retrieve the spent film. His older son offers advice and looks a little annoyed.

The father continues to struggle but finally succeeds and pulls out the camera, handing it back to his older son, who quickly runs back to the beach. The father looks at the time and discovers his wristwatch has vanished. He shouts to his older son, who returns with the camera. The father opens the back of the camera and retrieves his watch! The sons are suitably unimpressed. He sends his older son away again.

The son returns to his post at the beach where he resumes filming the sunbathing, scantily clad woman. But the film is hanging from the back of the camera.

Title: The End [written on still of film leader]