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YFA 1448



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This is a film of a fishing trawler in operation in the North Sea, part of the Hull Maritime Museum Collection. It shows the trawler hauling in their catches and fishing, along with other fishing trawlers, in very rough weather in the North Sea.

The film opens with fishermen sorting out their catch on board their trawler at sea, accompanied by another fishing vessel. The trawler then hauls another net load of fish aboard. The crew all help to pull on board the next catch. Having emptied their catch, they throw the net back over the side. The vessel then makes its way through stormy seas. As the sea subsides it travels along a coast, before undergoing more stormy seas. Some fishermen climb up and down the mast. They pass some large ships and are in sight of other fishing trawlers. Inside one of the cabins, lighted by a candle, there is a calendar and pinup. Another trawler is seen being tossed about on the high waves, and the film comes to an end.