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YFA 3173



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This film is part of the Hamilton collection and contains footage of the birth of Clair Pratt in 1974. There is also footage of her christening, a trip to the zoo and the birth of her younger sibling.

The film opens with a young couple walking out of a maternity unit in Mexborough Montagu hospital. A nurse holds the baby and walks out to the car with them. The new mother gets into the back seat and the nurse hands her the baby, Clair. The new father looks in at his baby and smiles at the camera. The shot suddenly changes so that another man is standing beside the car holding a suitcase; he pretends to walk off with it.

The following section takes place at home and the father is in the garden holding Clair and posing for the camera. Then there are shots of the mother holding the baby and some close ups of it.

The next shots are from the Christening and the family all file into the church. After the ceremony the mother holds Clair up to the camera and smiles. There are shots of lots of family members back at the house, sitting in the garden and children playing about.

There is a sequence of shots as Clair gets a bit older: lying on the ground kicking her arms and legs, being spoon fed, sitting in a baby seat and being held by several different family members.

In the next few shots, Clair is in her buggy at the zoo looking at a deer that is beside the fence. Then there are shots of her being helped to walk by her mother as Fluff the dog, runs around her feet. Her father holds her up to the camera and smiles and then swings her upside down.

In the next scene Clair starts to walk from her mother over to another woman; she falls down. There are more shots of the baby walking towards her mother who is offering her a ball. There are also shots of the family at the beach with the baby. The baby crawls around grabbing handfuls of sand and squashing lugworm sand mounds. Her father helps her to walk along the beach.

The Christmas tree has been set up in a corner of the room and the child and her mother come into the room. Clair points and smiles at a pile of presents in the corner. She takes a book from the pile and looks through it. She goes around looking at and touching the rest of the large pile of presents that have been left out for her.

There is a brief shot of the child running around outside and looking at pebbles that are cemented into the ground. Following this are shots of two men standing outside a house on a residential street. An ambulance pulls up and the mother gets out with another baby.

The mother stands holding the baby and rocking it in front of the camera. There are some shots of the other child sitting in her buggy and waving at the camera. The final shot is of the new baby lying down and drinking from a bottle.

Additional Information included with the film:
Mexborough Montagu Hospital 15th June, 1974
Clair Julia Pratt's Baptism 28th July, 1974
Belle Vue Zoo - Bank Holiday Monday, 26th May, 1975
Clair's first walk - Wednesday 9th July, 1975
Filmed at Butlin's Holiday Camp, Minehead Somerset
Clair on Christmas Day 25th December 1975