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YFA 3467



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Part of the Jackson collection, this film contains footage of the early years of a couple's first child, Simon. There are shots of a couple of birthdays as well as family camping holidays and trips to castle ruins.

The film begins with the mother sitting on a sofa with her baby on her lap. She removes the baby's clothing and washes his head in the tub of water that is set up beside the sofa. She changes his nappy, rubs cream on him and then puts him sitting into the tubs and washes him.

The next section opens with shots of the baby lying on the sofa with a baby grow on. The mother plays with the baby before his father is seen holding him. The mother is sitting again on the sofa, feeding the baby from a bottle. A dog comes into the room and sits at the mother's feet.

The scene cuts to a rocky beach where the family and some other friends sit on the sand with the baby. A panning shot from the beach captures the sea and the rocky shoreline. There is another brief shot of the family on the beach and the mother is given a bottle by another woman and she feeds the baby. The film cuts to shots of the father pushing the pram along a country road, followed by the mother and her friend.

In the following section, the couples are on a sandy beach throwing the ball around, and then they struggle to pull the pram along the beach. There are a few shots of them walking along a windy beach and then one of them getting into the car beside the camera.

The film then cuts to show the baby's birthday party. A lot of family and friends have gathered in a house. People sit around in the kitchen and the dining room. The baby gets lots of attention from the mother, the father and the visitors. The table is laid with party food and a birthday cake. The father holds the baby's hand and pretends that the baby is cutting the cake. Lots of different people hold the baby and smile at the camera.

The following scene takes place sometime later in the kitchen, the baby is a lot older and he sits in his high chair, drinking from a bottle as his mother works in the kitchen. The scene cuts to his mother lighting a birthday cake for him and letting him blow out the candles. Then there are brief shots of him on his potty and then having a bath beside the sitting room fire. In the next shot his mother is holding a birthday cake out to him and then he is sitting on the sofa beside another baby.

A campsite has been set up in a grassy area in the countryside. The baby sits beside his mother as she lies in the sun. Mother and father carry baby up a hill and along a wooden bridge past the camera. They are then joined by a few more people and they all walk across grass towards the camera. The group go for a walk and stop outside a local grocers called ` J Raw' and then they carry the buggy over rough ground.

Back at the campsite the mother, father and other people sit about in the sun, playing with the baby and feeding some lambs.

The following scene opens from the top of a building looking down onto a well-manicured garden full of flowerbeds and paths. There are more shots of a town with beautiful buildings and then shots of some people sitting on a rocky area beside a lake.

There is a point of view shot from the front of a car as they travel across a bridge. Following this the baby is on a beach, playing with a ball, and then the camera moves to show a larger group of family and friends that are also there.

The family wander around an old ruined castle, and the parents help the child to stand up and walk; he keeps falling down. There are shots from the ground looking up at the ruins and at the mother who has carried the child up onto a section of the ruins.

There are close up shots of a raging waterfall and then a panning shot of the surrounding countryside. The final shots are along shot of the ruined castle at dusk and then the mother wheeling the pushchair and her son out of the castle entrance.