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YFA 103



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection of his recently born son, David – a continuation of film YFA 83.

Title – Plus

David gets picked up by his mother in the garden, and they run around together.  A mechanic starts up the family car using the starter handle and drives off.  David is sitting in his pram where he holds a pencil and paper.  The dog sits in the garden, and then jumps up onto Mrs Beardsell as she tries to take a snooze lying on the settee.  David walks around the garden, stumbling at times. He plays with the dog, joined by the nursemaid.  He then plays with a toy wooden dog with his father.  They gather around the car driven by David's grandfather.  His grandmother then has a walk around the house.  David and the nursemaid wander in the vegetable patch, and then she gives him a shove on his pedal car.  The next door farmer shovels manure into the garden from a horse and cart.  David is then joined by his father, who plays with the dog.  The chauffer drives the car round, with David and his mother dressed to go out.  The old gardener sows some seeds.

Inside David eats his dinner at the table, while outside the gardener holds the dog.  There is a brief glimpse of the maids, and Mrs Beardsell eating (V. dark).  Then there is an AA road sign indicating a dangerous corner.  The family car drives around the bend.  This is followed by a mechanic working on the car engine, with the hood up.  Two maids are hanging out sheets in the garden to dry.  The film finishes with David inside with his toys, and then back in the garden.