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YFA 83



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection of his recently born son, David, whimsically done from the baby’s perspective.

Title – Being first pages from the diary of David – presented by Noel T Beardsell.

In the garden, David’s mother holds him. 

Intertitle – Still - I seem to have dropped in amongst nice people.

They sit on a bench with another woman, his brother Peter, and their dog.

Intertitle – Think I’ll be comfortable here - I feel bigger already.

The bay lies in his cot, and his brother plays with him.  He is then in his cot in the garden with the dog.

Intertitle – I like this one - she seems to know what a fellow wants!

The baby is being held by his mother.

Intertitle – This person thinks a lot of me - they say she's my grannie.

The baby is seated on his Grannie’s lap. 

Intertitle – I’m told that "England Expects"!

David sits on a potty, being held in place by a strap. He is then the centre of attention of a group of women in the garden.

Intertitle – Are we off to the great open spaces!

The nursemaid takes the baby out of the pram, and they sit in the sun.  His older brother then pushes him around the garden in the pram.

Intertitle – But wait until I really get on my feet.

He toddles around on his own, and runs across the lawn.  He is joined by his older brother, and plays ball with the dog.

Intertitle – The older I get the more useful they find me.

He joins his brother who is collecting vegetables from the garden.

Intertitle – Must push off now - but  . . .

The nursemaid pushes him around the garden in a pedal car.

Intertitle – You’ll hear of me again - David