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YFA 457



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a holiday with his wife Grace in Switzerland. It forms a companion to Switzerland - Mountain Pathways, a film of the same 1935 holiday.

Title - The record of an autumn holiday September 1935

The film starts with Chislett browsing a row of travel books in his bookcase, eventually choosing "An Alpine Journey". He sits in an armchair and reads the book, with his dog on his lap. A number of items are then displayed - passports, maps of Switzerland, a guide to Zermatt, and a handwritten itinerary of nights to be spent in different places: Thun (2), Interlaken (2), Wengen (5), Zermatt (5) and the train (2). Then the car is shown (ET 8214), with suitcases all packed, and the dog sat in the courtyard to the house.

Intertitle - In town tonight

The city lights of London are seen at night, one cinema is advertising the 'The Black Room', with Boris Karloff.

Intertitle - Impressions of a morning

More of London is filmed in the day, including Trafalgar Square, St James Park, the changing of the guards, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, trams and traffic.

Intertitle - Then by bus

Some old London buses, with external stairs, go around Piccadilly Circus. They then visit London Zoo where they watch a camel.

Intertitle - Having only an hour to spare we can't wait to see him smile

The camel continues chewing.

Intertitle - The next 'Star' takes a positive dislike to us

A monkey is very agitated in its cage. They next see an elephant, polar bears and other animals.

Intertitle - A busy junction. Is this the boat train?

Children have camel rides.

Intertitle - "Squeek" gets the mountaineering fever

A penguin waddles along a walkway and has a swim, followed by more animals.

Intertitle - Later we are at Cannon Street Station

There is a view of Tower Bridge from across the Thames.

Intertitle - And sail from Dover at dusk

They take a ferry and film the white cliffs and lighthouses as they sail off.

Intertitle - Early next morning we arrive at . . .

There is a sign for Basel train station, with posters declaring: 'Grundstuck Gewinnsteuer, Nein' (No to property gains tax). They film a tram.

Intertitle - Then on towards Bern . . .

They film some of the train journey.

Intertitle - . . And Thun, where the white giants of the Oberland gleam above the mists.

There are mountains in the distance.

Intertitle - Sunday afternoon we spend beside the lake

People are out canoeing on the lake, and on sailing boats, followed by showing some areas of the town.

Intertitle - Next day we go to Interlaken

They take a trip on the lake on a paddle steamer, filming parts of the engine at work..

Intertitle - The Harderbahn has a gradient of 64degrees

They take a train journey up the steep mountain railway. At the top Grace looks at the mountains through binoculars.

Intertitle - Lake Brienz, late in the evening

The film shows the surrounding mountain scenery and lake.

Intertitle - the Gorge of the Aare is eerie on a dull morning

They film the narrow gorge, with the water running through it and the walkways.

Intertitle - Higher up we run into dense clouds

There is a sign for Handegg Fall followed by another waterfall.

Intertitle - Later they break

The mountains and valleys are covered in mist.

Intertitle - One minute we see nothing but friendly goats . .

A few goats come over to the camera.

Intertitle - . . And the next . . .

There is nothing but mountains.

Intertitle - From the Grimsel Pass we see the Rhone Glacier with the Furka Pass on the right

They show the glacier, and a winding mountain road. Someone films Grace standing in their open roof car, with Charles, in his white cap, standing nearby. A man blows a mountain horn.

Intertitle - Inside the glacier

Grace walks along a walkway in a tunnel through the glacier.

Intertitle - Note the Grimsel Pass road on the right

Cars are shown making their way up a winding mountain road, with views over the mountain peaks.

Intertitle - On the way to Andermatt

There is a steep mountain railway.

Intertitle - Altdorf, the birthplace of William Tell

In the centre of the town stands a statue of William Tell.

Intertitle - On the Axentstrasse above Lake Lucerne

They follow a farmer herding his cattle.

Intertitle - Lucerne

There is some film of the lake.

Intertitle - In old Interlaken

An elderly woman works on a loom, in the backstreets of the village, whilst in one of the houses two kittens play on the stairs. Grace points to a large plant.

Intertitle - Later we start for Wengen

They board a train.

Intertitle - From Lauterbrunnen a glider, bound for the international gliding meeting on the jungfraujoch, come with us

The glider runs along some railway tracks.

Intertitle - To stay at Wengen is a sheer delight, its chalets overlook the everchanging glories of the Lauterbrunnen Valley

They valley is filmed.

Intertitle - The story of the Wengen-Mannlichen-Scheidegg-Wengen walk

There is a path through a wood leading up the mountain.

Intertitle - We meet the hay coming down the mountain, and later the haymakers

Bales of hay are sent down to the mountain valley attached to a cable, and the film comes to an end.