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YFA 3307



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This film was made by Sheffield-based filmmaker K.G. Tofield and looks at the changes that occur in nature during autumn. It was given a commendation by the Board of Amateur Cine World.

Title-Galleon Pictures Present

Title-Autumn Glory.

Title-The days are growing shorter, the sunlight more mellow…

The opening shot is of a vibrant pink and yellow sky.

Title-The colours changing...

There are shots of trees reflected in a lake; they are an autumnal red-brown colour.

Title-But summer still lingers.

There is a shot of a butterfly sitting on a flower, stalks of cereal gently blowing in the breeze, and piles of hay in a field. These shots all have a bright, almost over-exposed quality to them. Some cows graze in a field and there is a shot, taken from below, of the trees against the cloudy sky.

Title-Where lately the purple heather graced the hills.

Fields of heather are glimpsed between some trees and tall, bare trees are surrounded by heather in another shot. There is a very artificial but vibrant pink hue to all of these and the following few shots.

There are long, lingering shots of a stream flowing down through rock formations.

Title-The leaves are growing old and wear, in grace of duty done, the gold and crimson of the sun.

Several trees are shot against an artificially pink sky and some others against a natural, blue, early morning sky. There are mounds of fallen leaves on the paths and shots of the tree tops and of the fields.

Title-Their first autumn

Several signets are swimming around in a lake with two adult swans, they feed from the water.

Title-The hawthorn, mountain ash and wild rose clothe their fruits in scarlet.

There are several shots of the trees and their berries.

Title-The elderberry wears a coat of shining black.

More shots of trees and their berries.

There is a brief shot of a hand picking berries and then there is a shot of two women, wearing dresses and hats, picking the berries off the bushes and filling their baskets.

There are shots of the berries, trees and the country road.

Title-Beneath the tree is spread a cloth of gold.

Here there is a shot of a field with trees in it followed by a close shot of the leaves. There is a field with sheep and then there is a shot of the farmer herding the sheep along the country road with the help of his sheep dog.

Title-Fallen leaves.

Many trees have lost their leaves and are completely bare; the forest floor is covered in fallen leaves. More shots of the river flowing over and through the rocks.

Title-Icy fingers herald the close of autumn

Icicles have formed on rocks beside the river and small sheets of ice cover the tree tops, the tops of gates, and grass. There is a shot, taken from high up on a hill, and shows small `rivers’ of ice snaking their way across the landscape.

The last shot is of a large, lone, leafless tree in a field.

Title-The End.