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YFA 4577



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This film is from the C.H. Wood collection and follows the processes of making bread in a factory. It begins with the dough and shows each step until the final product is packaged. The bread company was based near London while the manufacturer, Spooner, that made the actual machinery, was based in Ilkley.

Title-Spooner Automatic Bread Plant

A sign on the factory wall reads `Associated Family Bakers (Home Counties) Limited'.

There is a brief shot from the entrance of the factory looking into the grounds where five yellow lorries are parked. The shot cuts to the machinery in the factory-Spooner machinery and then there is a long shot showing the size of the factory and the first stage in the production of loaves of bread. Lumps of dough come out of a machine and are transported along a conveyor belt and then into bread tins. At various stages of the process factory workers are checking that everything is working correctly.

In the next stage the lids are put on the tins and they are then lifted up along with many other tins and dropped into another conveyor belt and eventually go into the oven. When the tins come out they go under a machine which removes the lids to reveal loaves of baked bread. The tin lids are sent along one conveyor belt to be reused while the tins of bread go along another conveyor belt. There is a shot of small little egg shaped parts lifting the loaves of bread out of the tins and then sending them onto the next stage.

Following this is a shot of the new loaves of bread travelling along a conveyor belt through a warehouse where hundreds of packaged and unpackaged loaves are stacked in trolleys. The loaves go through several other machines and then come out with the packing on; a man takes the loaves and stacks them into a trolley ready for delivery to the shops.

Title-By courtesy of Associated Family Bakers Ltd. Wooburn Green, England.