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YFA 2362



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This amateur film by a Wakefield-based businessman of a trip to Austria which includes shots of the snow covered mountain tops and green hills lower down the valley.

The film opens with shots of men and boys with backpacks and walking sticks walking across a green. The following shot is taken from the deck of a ship looking onto the coastline. Then it changes to shots of tall trees in a forest and an Austrian village in the countryside. There is a sequence of shots of old railway tracks, a church, some houses and old buildings and of the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

The following scene takes place on the Alps where the boys and men pose for the camera. There are people using ski lifts to carry them and their skis to the top of the mountain and there are some of the group trying to ski.

There is another series of shots of the entire town taken from above: churches, gardens and a fountain, a dry river, pretty trees, gardens and fountains in the centre of the town.

Following this are shots taken from the top deck of a ferry looking down onto two cars which are parked on deck beside some passengers; some of the boys smile for the camera.