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YFA 455



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a family holiday to the Austrian and Italian Alps; possibly a continuation of the holiday to Switzerland (326), with his daughter, Rachel, son-in-law and two grandchildren.

The film begins with Rachel's small daughter 2 ? , walking up a hill, followed by Rachel giving her son, aged 10 months, a 'flying angel', and then Roy taking over 'flying angel' duty. They walk up close to a waterfall, with both children getting 'flying angels. John is given a flower by Grace and gets a ride in his pram.

They have tea in their holiday home, Rachel puts out the washing and Roy sits their son on the balcony. There is a close up of another waterfall and of a coach coming up a winding mountain road. They take a ski lift, passing more waterfalls, and then Rachel, Ron and Grace walk along with the two children sitting in the same pushchair. Rachel takes the children to a stream. Two young bullocks go head to head. They look out over the mountains and a lake and another waterfall.

There is a sign post for Bergbahn, Lauterbrunnen and Murren. There are more snow-capped mountains. A boy has a traditional Alpine hat. Rachel films her dad filming her. Grace travels up a ski lift. There is a sunset over a lake, and Rachel and Roy arrive with the children in a ski lift. They eat bananas, with their son in green hat. A cat plays inside their chalet, and they explore the area nearby.

A Map is shown, pointing out the next stage of their journey.

Their car, a blue Jaguar (reg. 5995 WE), stops to allow a herd of cattle to pass. The mountains are covered in clouds. Grace feeds a kid goat. There is a sign post for Klausen. They pass an old town with cattle-drawn carts. As they travel they pass chalets dotted on the hillsides, some with bedding being aired over balconies. They visit a market fair with animals, and then take a trip in a train, filming from the rear of the train, before taking another ski lift. A wedding procession passes through a town. Grace and another couple sit next to a camp fire in the open countryside. Later Grace does some knitting and two men pose with their hunting guns. There is a sunset over the mountains. They take a walk over the snow covered mountains and another ski lift.

There is a sign post for Vaduz. They visit another small town with a nun in the square, a boy on a scooter, a horse and a caravan.

There is a sign post for Umbrail. Goats are herded through the old town. A group of hunters carry dead goats in their bags. Grace stares at some sheep and they run away. There is a sign post for Tremezzo. They take a journey across Lake Como to for S. Gottardo near a new road. Grace walks along the snow in the mountains. Elsewhere people are harvesting grapes using large plastic containers. The film ends showing swans and signets in a country setting and a sunset.

The end