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YFA 334



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a holiday with his wife Grace travelling across the Alps in Austria, visiting Vienna and Innsbruck.

Title - Vienna to the Tyrol

Cars arrive and park at the airport, and passengers wait in the lounge, in front of an advert for Thomas W Ward. They board the plane and take off, landing at Frankfurt Airport.

Intertitle - First stop Frankfurt

They change planes and arrive at Vienna Airport. Grace stands with a younger man in outside the Viennese Town Hall, showing a row of national flags. They film some of the local architecture and shop windows.

Intertitle - Through the Vienna Wood and the Wachau to the great abbeys of Klosterneubrg and Melk

They film close ups of the Abbey, and of the locals, including a cart being pulled by oxen. We see the car they are travelling in, a VW Beetle, parked besides a lake. They film more of the buildings.

Intertitle - An old loop of the Danube near Vienna has become a boating lake

There is a kiosk with adverts, and someone selling pretzels at a park, where there is a sculpture and fountains. There is a film poster for 'Chief Inspector Gideon, John Ford, starring Jack Hawkins and Dianne Foster'. A tram crosses a bridge over the river. They visit a zoo - including a polar bear, a brown bear and cubs, seals, and wallabies and their joeys - and a church with stained glass windows.

Two women play with a small boy and a dog with a ball in park. City with cathedral, film form the top of. They visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum 'Wagenburg in Schonbrunn'. Visit other attractions, including a house with A Legenstein.

Intertitle - Late in the evening - the road to Semmering

A train passes and they film the surrounding mountains. They visit a village, with a decorated carved totem, and a woman ploughs a field.

Intertitle - Near the iron works of Leoben is the iron mountain of Erzberg

They film local people, scenery and wild flowers.

Intertitle - Admont

Grace picks flowers in a small village, showing a church and local children, who gaze at a cow with a hessian sack over its head. A boy drives a tractor ploughing a field.

Intertitle - Dachstein Mountains

A group of children cross a railway line after a train has passed. Grace is sat in the garden of a caf?.

Intertitle - Zell am see

Two men sit on a bench with a St Bernard. There is a restaurant overlooking a lake, on which there is a sailing boat and a paddle boat.

Intertitle - Over the Grossglockner Pass

A woman in traditional dress stands by their car selling tourist pennants. They travel along mountain roads passing goats on the hillside, and park up next to very high snowdrifts. They carry on over snow covered mountains to reach a lake.

Intertitle - Approach to Berchtesgaden

The local houses have scenes from the First World War painted on their walls. There are yellow buses marked, 'Deutsche Bundespost'. They take a trip across a lake and then up the Alps. They end up in a restaurant with a fish tank.

Intertitle - Over the Gerlos Pass to the Tyrol

There is a sign depicting the Tirol 'eagle'. They travel over the Alps and witness a social gathering, possibly a wedding. Hay is hung out to be dried in the field. There is a sign for Salzburg, Tyrol and Mayhofen Station, and passengers board a train.
Intertitle - Innsbruck

Innsbruck is filmed from various vantage points.

Intertitle - Kufstein

The village is seen nestled in the mountains with mist and low cloud. They show some of the shop windows with dolls, carvings and sausages, before visiting a lake.

Intertitle - Wolfgandsee: back in the sky but we do not fly into good weather until we are over Brussels

The flight back is filmed.