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YFA 2245



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This Topical Budget (522-2) newsreel captures Lord Derby's win at the York Races in 1921. The film includes footage of the race as well as of the spectators gathered for the event.

Title - Ascot of the North. Huge crowds see Lord Derby win the Ebor Handicap with March Along.

The film opens with a panning shot of racecourse showing crowds of people. There are close ups of people seated on benches. A group of women pass by, one of whom carries a parasol. They are dressed in beautiful 1920s dresses and are wearing hats. Jockeys parade their horses past the crowds, and huge crowds fill the stadium seating. There is a long shot of the race from a high angle. The winning horse and jockey are led through the crowds, and the horse has its face doused with water outside the stables.

Title - Backers

There is a close up of a row of people in the crowd, and the two women in the centre have their back to the camera. They are both well dressed in contemporary fashions.