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YFA 800



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Part of the Kathleen Lockwood collection, this film shows the various arts and crafts hobbies that people do in Holmfirth.

Title-Arts and crafts in the Holme Valley.

Title-Miss E. Marsh.

In a house, Miss Marsh is working at an embroidery stand; she looks to the camera and then carries on working. She is making an altar cloth and in the following shots she goes up to an altar in a church and places the finished tapestry in front of it.

Title-Miss A. Charlesworth

In another house a women is at a table drawing and painting flowers in watercolour. The finished paintings are then put onto greeting cards. There is also another women working on watercolours of scenes from the village in Holme Valley.

Title-Mrs E. Armitage

She sits by the window and embroiders designs onto material and napkins. Following this are shots of another woman who etches intricate designs onto glass items.

Mrs S. Armitage.

She sits at a table doing bobbin weaving. She arranges all of the individual bobbins and threads and begins to weave the lace.

Title-Miss Helen Lockwood

A young woman sits at a potter's wheel and transforms a piece of clay into a jug. The camera pans across the room to show a shelf full of finished jugs.

The following section shows a man does some wood turning on a chair leg and then does some carving on another piece of wood. He creates a lovely flower design which is on all of the items that he carves and they are displayed in a small garden.

Title-Mrs V. Waddington

A woman takes a chair out of her car and sets it up overlooking the mountains. She begins to paint a landscape.

Title-The End

Title-Photographed by K.M. Lockwood.