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NEFA 12149



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Amateur home movie compilation made by Middlesbrough dental surgeon Tom H. Brown. The film records trips to York and different locations in Lincolnshire with his wife Kate Brown and their family friends, Herbert and Agnes Punch. The film focuses on the architecture and monuments they visit.

Title: The Artist

Waves break on a beach.

Title: Whit 33, An Architectural Tour

A general view shows a church ruin, with cyclists on the road and three people looking through railings at the ruin.

Title: The Minster. York

Looking down Duncombe Place, the Gothic cathedral York Minster looms in the mist.

Title: York. Bootham Bar

View down High Petergate of Bootham Bar gateway in the city walls. On the right there is a half-timbered black and white building. The street is busy with pedestrians and cyclists, and a motorbike drives down the centre of the road towards the gateway. Kate Brown walks through Bootham Bar amongst several other pedestrians.Pan up the gateway’s stone walls. Next, there is a view out from Bootham Bar archway towards High Petergate, with an ivy clad building on the left where two men are talking together.

Title: York. Minster Gate Rd.

The steps and entrance to the Minster are filmed from Minster Gates. Two silhouetted women walk towards the Minster along Minster Gates. The York Arms public house can be seen on the left. Pan up the south façade of the Minster with its circular rose window. The film cuts to a shot of a sign on a street corner for the Shambles.

Title: York. The Home of the Butchers

Men are standing here and there along a narrow, medieval street called the Shambles. There is a view down the street from the opposite direction. A young child is loitering on a doorstep.

Title: The Heat Made Our Breath Come In Short Pants.

A group portrait with Agnes and Herbert Punch, and Kate Brown, who is dressed in a fashionable skirt suit. They are standing south of York Minster. An open-topped car heads down Duncombe Place towards camera. Two women are walking up the street, dressed in pencil skirts.

Title: Lincolnshire. Spilsby.

Herbert and Agnes Punch stand next to a statue of Sir John Franklin in the market square in Spilsby. Close-ups of the statue and of the inscription on the plinth follow.

Title: Lincolnshire. Somersby, The Birthplace of Tennyson

General view of the old rectory in Somersby, birthplace of the poet, Alfred Tennyson.

Title: Lincolnshire. Scrivelsby Court. A Tudor Gateway.

A general view folows of a stone arch gateway with metal gate to the manor house, Scrivelsby Court. There is a close-up of a small lion statue on top of the gateway.

Title: Lincolnshire. Ye Olde Bridge House

A black and white half-timbered Tudor house is built over a bridge, possibly High Bridge over the River Witham.

Title: Lincoln. The Stonebow.

The Stonebow stands in the High Street, Lincoln, a grand building with a clock and an arch over a busy street, here shown with a traffic policeman working near the arch.

Title: The Jews House

General view of the frontage of the Jew’s House, a very early extant town house on Steep Hill, Lincoln. A woman and two children walk down the steep hill past the house.Close-up of the carved doorway with stone inlaid sign that reads, 'Jews House.'

Title: Lincoln. A View From The Cathedral.

A woman (probably Kate Brown) walks through a darkened arch of Lincoln Cathedral. A general view of the towers of the cathedral follows.

Title: Byland Abbey. The West Front.

General views of different aspects and buildings of the ruined abbey in North Yorkshire.

Title: Types of Doorway

Record of different doorways at Byland Abbey

Title: Byland Abbey. South Aspect.

General view of sothern aspect of Byland Abbey.

Title: Byland. The Beautiful