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YFA 971



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This is a short film of the Arthington Agricultural Show.  The show, which is staged on a site by the railway near the Wharfedale Hotel, includes a Shire horse show and sheep dog trials.

The film begins in a field with a large marquee and parked cars, and there is a competition of Shire horses which are led around the field.  The winner is awarded a cup, and some of the show visitors can be seen including the filmmaker’s cousin Bill, Bill’s wife Elsie, and their son William, all of whom are standing by a car.  A large group gather around in a circle to look at various animals including a goose.  Trophies are on display outside one of the marquees.  Next there is a cattle competition followed by children being led around on ponies.  There is then an exhibition of the skills of two sheep dogs who round up sheep.  This is followed by a competition for young people on horseback during which time they have to place items into buckets.  The film comes to an end.