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Made by Kathleen Lockwood, this film shows the numerous artists in the town of Holmfirth in Yorkshire. There are many examples of different creative activities such as embroidery, painting and illustration.

Title-Art and Artists, Members of the beginners class at Digley.

The film opens with shots of a group of women sitting on the grass and painting. The voiceover of Kathleen Lockwood explains why artists love the area so much.

Title-Mrs Sheeran

Mrs Sheeran is sitting at a table doing calligraphy and talking about how she got into it and what she does. She then begins to draw small pictures around the calligraphy that has completed.

Title-Arnold Tylor

He talks about his work as a comic postcard artist as well as a card artist. There are shots of his studio with him at work at his desk.

Title-Mrs Streek

Lives in Holmbridge and is the local Reverend's wife. Her craft is embroidery and as the Reverend gives the voiceover, he talks about the different types that she does, the various items that she has made. Mrs Streek holds up different pieces of embroidery as her husband talks about it.

Title-Wylbert Kemp.

He talks about his job as miniature painter, which he does on Victorian ivory piano keys.

Title-Trevor Stubley.

He is the most famous artist in the film as he designs illustrations for children's storybooks. He talks about the books that he has been involved in and who he has worked with. There are shots of him painting the portrait of a young girl who sits in his studio.

Title-Mrs Bleasby.

Talks about her style of painting and holds up examples of it.

Title-Ashley Jackson.

Talks about moving to Holmefirth and why he likes it there. He puts painting supplies into his car, drives to a spot on the moors and sets up his canvas. His young daughter sits beside him on the grass as he talks about how he got his name.

The final shot shows him display the finished painting up against the back of his car.

Title-Pianist Harold Heeley.

Title-Compiled and photographed by K.M. Lockwood