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YFA 2960



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This film includes various shots of farming including harvesting and animals and a few brief shots of Kiplingcote Races. The film was taken at Arras Farm in Market Weighton.

The film opens with jockeys being weighed at Kiplingcote Races. There is snow on the ground. A large trailer with a massive (promotional?) bottle on its side, with a label reading 'Bass & Co Pale Ale" can also be seen. Many cars are parked on the side of the road, and more jockeys are being weighed. Jockeys ride horses down the road then gallop back individually.

A cornfield with a plane and Massey Harris 780 combines. (Fairly dark footage.) Harvesters sit having a break before the fleet of combine harvesters are back to work again. Ducks can be seen feeding on a pond.

Black and white footage: Geese and sheep.

Colour: Sheep being sheared with hand shears, and there are Longhair ewes and lambs in pen.

Black and white: Tractor with crate on back; the crate is full of dead rabbits. In a field a Fordson tractor is clearing hedges.

Colour: A helicopter spraying the fields and then landing to refill the spray tank. Hens are pecking in the farm yard. A signpost reads "Kirkburn Driffield 4". There is a brief shot of a church and grave yard.

Black and white: Sheep are herded into a pen for a sheep auction. The auctioneer stands on a large straw bale and takes bids. The sheep are marked after being sold.

Colour: Loading corn sacks onto a lorry. Straw has been gathered into mounds in the field. A herd of Herefords are on the grass and are being fed turnips. There is a large-black pig in a field with its litter. A TE20 tractor with offset rotator is working in the field.

Black and white: Truck with corn sacks on back, going through the cornfield. Truck stops, and men load corn sacks onto the back using the lifter on the truck.

Colour: Two ladies and a gentleman are cleaning and boxing tomatoes for market. The box reads "B J Gaunt Ltd Leeds". End.