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YFA 2385

ARRAN 1959


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Part of the Hattersley Collection, this short film features a family holiday to Scotland including a visit to the beach and rock climbing.

Title - Arran 1959

The film opens with the family exiting a large house and loading up a car in the driveway. Next, the family get onto a large passenger boat, and other passengers on the deck can also be seen. The filmmaker's child is in a buggy, and there are views of the coastline before the boat comes into dock, at which time, the cars on board the boat drive off.

There is a brief scene of the filmmaker's wife and children playing in a garden.

Later at a beach there are two women in deckchairs with a toddler at their feet. Some members of the family go for a swim. On nearby rocks, a man and two children sit and watch dolphins swim. There are many scenic views of the surrounding coastline and hilly countryside.

Finally, the film closes with a short scene of two men rock climbing. They are attached by a thick rope, and one of the men wears a knitted hat.