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YFA 4325



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This is a film of a tour beginning with a coastal region, possibly the Yorkshire coast, and then of Glasgow before going on to places in Yorkshire: Bradford, Queensbury, Boothferry Bridge, Sewerby, Bridlington, Whitby, Beverley Minster and Hornsea.

(Colour) The film begins out at sea with a view of a low coast with a lighthouse next to some white buildings. Nearby there is a small red and green ship, and some high cliffs are shown. The film switches to show some swans, and there a busy main street with bunting going across it, with several cyclists riding past the camera. Then Glasgow Gallery can be seen in the background from the Clyde. Later, in the evening, there is a view down the Cathedral precinct near the statue of David Livingstone, of the statue of Sir Walter Scott. A green bus, route 22, drives past. The film shows a colourful hanging basket of flowers before going back to show a boat out at sea coming in to harbour.

B&W Children are on a pier and then cars are driving along a sea front road. There is then a view of a church steeple before showing a swimming pool with a pavilion in the background. A ferry arrives into a harbour, and people take donkey rides on the beach. On the other side of the harbour there are docks with lots of large cranes. There is also a large building with tall towers at either end. Children have donkey rides by the water, and another tall tower can be seen in the background.

Intertitle - Glasgow, Scotland

There is a city street with cars and a tram, and then the film shows the George Hotel and the bustling streets, with a large advertising hoarding for 'Wills Capstone Cigarettes'. Several barges are docked on a canal, and there is an old boat also docked, and a footbridge with neo-classical columns. The statue of Sir Walter Scott is seen closer up, and other landmarks are shown. Several boats are being filmed from a short way out to sea, passing along the coast where there is a small pier and lighthouse. Along the coast, there is a village with a church up on the hill. The film then shows a market place building before going up close to show the old church on the hill. Then the film moves onto some abbey, or monastic, ruins before returning to the coast with boats and a lighthouse. There is a brief view of a religious procession before going back to the coast.

Credit - Produced by Mr D Evans

Intertitle - Yorkshire Bradford Yorkshire

There is a view of the clock tower of Bradford City Hall with a tram passing by in the foreground. And then other areas of Bradford city centre, including the Wool Exchange. There is a road sign for Queensbury on the A647. Several very quiet streets are shown, presumably in Queensbury. There is a church with a tower and a sign for Queensbury County Secondary School, which is shown with its playing field, besides which is a factory with a tall chimney.

There is a road sign for Boothferry Bridge, which is then shown. A group of people are lining up to get onto the first of a line of coaches.

Intertitle - Bridlington

People are walking along the promenade at Bridlington, and there is a small boating lake. A tourist boat is coming into the harbour. People are walking along the pier where boats are tethered. There is a busy road in the town centre.

Intertitle - Sewerby

There is a large three storey building with steps leading down to a lawn where people sit in deckchairs - probably at Sewerby Hall & Gardens.

Intertitle - Beverley Minster

Beverley Minster is shown from the side and the front.

Intertitle - Members of the Party

A man, two women and a girl walk towards the camera and stop in front of a car where they are greeted by two other men.

Intertitle - Arrived Hornsea at 1 pm . The Sands

People are out walking and sitting on deckchairs on the beach at Hornsea, with some children playing.

Colour - There is a small boating lake with people walking past. Others are sitting around on benches, and a large building can be seen in the background. Back on the beach, there are groups of people walking along. Many are dressed in long coats and continue onto take a tour of the boating lake and the film ends.