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YFA 5514



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This film is a travelogue which highlights various sites around Yorkshire, including Scarborough, York, Thornton-le-dale, and Whitby.

Title - A Spotlight Film Presentation
Around Yorkshire  
Produced by Peter H. Robinson
Colour by Gevaert

The film begins with two diesel pulled passenger trains passing each other near an intersection with another line.  One of the trains passes through a station, at which another DMU arrives from York.  Part of the journey is then filmed from on board.

Intertitle – Scarborough

Fishing boats and other small rowing boats are docked in the harbour at Scarborough, near the lighthouse, with the tide in, and then shown again with the tide out.  There is a glimpse of the replica galleon, the Hispaniola, out at sea, and then boats on the lake at Peasholm Park.  This is followed by a trip on the North Bay miniature railway, passing a train going the other way.

Next, there is a line of donkeys on the beach and a view overlooking the South Bay.  Visitors walk around the Italian Garden.  Then there is a brief view looking down onto the North Bay Poll, before returning on the train, watching the journey through the rear driver’s cab window, passing the railway viaduct. The film then shows Whitby Abbey.  There is a brief view of the outside of Pannett Art Gallery before showing dredging taking place in Whitby harbour.  A group of men stand mending a fishing net, and then the dredger sails out of the harbour and another vessel comes in.  A man clambers across some fishing vessels before we are back on another train journey.

Intertitle – York

The outside of York Minster is filmed from different locations before moving onto The Shambles.  There is a view of St William College, showing a wall next to it.  The film switches to show a sign for a river cruise.  The filmmaker films the cruise as it goes under Lendal Bridge and past Bishopthorpe Palace, the Archbishop of York’s residence.  It then shows Mansion House, a peacock and then Micklegate.

Intertitle – Thornton-le-dale

There is a tour of the village showing some of the cottages, and ducks on the river (very white, possibly because poor quality of film).  We then see a waterfall on a river and a view along Maltongate.

Intertitle – “That’s all folks”  .   .