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NEFA 21380

WORLD TRIPS 1927-1932


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Amateur compilation of miscellaneous footage shot at locations around the world between 1927 and 1932, which includes China, Japan, possibly Burma, Canada, and the United States of America. The film concludes with film of a British wedding, unloading a tractor at a dock, and a London trip. World travel was probably undertaken on the luxurious Japanese trans-Pacific NYK - OSK passenger shipping line popular between WWI and WWII, with calls at Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kobe, Yokohama, Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Francisco. There may be glimpses of Japan’s military and colonial expansion into China in the 1930s. This film is part of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) collection.

Filmed around 1932, the compilation begins with a brief shot of a man checking the engine of a stalled car loaded with luggage on a lonely road in a bleak, flat landscape.

Travelling shots from a bumpy rickshaw ride on a road, hectic with rickshaws and their drivers.

Travelling shot from the back of a car crossing a flat, deserted landscape, previously seen. The car gets stuck in mud on the dirt road and a Western man gets out to check the wheels. Two cars follow each other along the road.

A car ferry operates across a river. At the other side, it appears that military are manning the route. Brief shot of oxen pulling rail tubs full of sticks (?).

Travelling shot from ship of an industrious river, hundreds of boats moored on its banks, and a steam cargo ship carrying logs (?).

A funeral procession (?) travels along a road in China (?), including monks, a highly decorated motor car, which may be carrying a coffin, and a diplomatic car.

A Japanese soldier waves the national flag of Japan as an OSK line passenger ship departs from a harbour amidst thousands of streamers, a large crowd watching the departure from the quayside.

A street scene with rickshaws and a travelling shot of a ceremonial procession follow. Japanese soldiers march down a street watched by quite a large crowd.

A black sailor is taking a nap on a ship. He waves a hand as he becomes aware of the camera.

The next sequences were filmed in Newcastle upon Tyne. The cargo ship ‘Usworth’ is moored on the Tyne. General view of Tyne Bridge and view from High Level Bridge of Newcastle streets.

Portrait shot of a woman in a fur wrap and skull cap, who pulls her mother into the frame. She then gets on a bike, waves a hanky and flashes her leg jokily at camera as she rides off down the street, probably filmed in the suburbs of Newcastle upon Tyne.

General view from a ship of a crowd watching from a wooden jetty outside the ‘No. 5 Union Steam Ship Co. of New Zealand’ offices on the Tyne as the ship sails off from the wharf. Travelling shot from the ship as it sails under Tyne Bridge.

The next sequence was filmed in Canada. A delivery van advertising “Nutty Club Salted Peanuts – Scott Bathgate Co. Ltd.” is parked on a street with other cars in Port of Churchill, near warehouses sporting the slogan “Boosting Port Churchill”. People board a sight-seeing bus. Four gentlemen pose on a railway station platform, a huge American steam train in the background. A man wearing a floppy sunhat stand in front of timber houses looking into his Rolleiflex camera.

General view of street, the Alberta Pacific Grain Co. Ltd headquarters in the background. Back at a railway station, a train waits beside the platform. A Red Cross train passes, a bunk bed glimpsed inside one of the freight containers. Travelling shots from a train.

At another station, Japanese soldiers are standing in groups amongst other passengers.

Various street scenes follow, possibly filmed in China, with many traditional forms of transporting goods and rickshaw owners waiting for customers pictured. A ship sails by on a busy river.

Travelling shots of an American city’s streets, including horse-driven taxis.

African workers unload wood from a ship.

A family joke around on a passenger ship.

Title: Chinese Theatre with Marks in the Stones

Close-ups of the Hollywood Walk of Fame outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. A group of gentlemen stand outside the theatre along with other sightseers. General view of construction of a new estate with advertising billboard for “Beverley Wiltshire Park”.

Title: The Fox Studios Then an Advertisement

Travelling shots of Fox Studios movie lots in Hollywood. General view of an advertising barrage balloon.

Title: Auto Switchback and Signall Hill

Travelling shots of an automobile roller coaster beside the highway. Travelling shots of the oil well fields at Signall Hill, Greater Los Angeles.

A hotel doorman waits beside a taxi. An American car park on waste ground is full of cars.

Title: Market Street and the Embarcadero

General view of the intersection of Market Street and Embarcadero in San Francisco, the streets lined with high rise blocks and cable cars operating.

Title: Main Street of Skagway. A Display of Flowers

General view of Main Street, Skagway, a city in South East Alaska and former Gold Rush town, mountains in the background. Huskies are tethered on the street. A steam train departs down the street. Close-ups of flowers. Huskies pull a man’s barrow down Main Street.

Title: Mr Patsy Henderson Announces his Lecture

 The Native American Indian, Patsy Henderson, (who may have been the discoverer of Klondike Gold) bangs a rhythm on a traditional hand drum.

Title: Launcelot Fleming outside Yale, Newhaven

Fleming, a geologist, bishop of Norwich and future Director of the Scott Polar Research

Institute, arrives at Yale by car. Overhead shot from high rise of Newhaven (or New York?) street.

An officer boards a passenger ship on the SPSS Line. A crowd of men are unloading luggage from the ship. A very brief shot of a newspaper seller follows.

Travelling shots from ship passing city skyline of New York (?) and Toulouse Street Wharf (New Orleans?). Shot of a Black American worker on the wharf. A Captain greets important business men on the wharf. Black workers are loading goods into the ship’s hold.

Title: Galveston - The Roads and Scenes in the Streets

General views of ships on the sea shot from coast. Horse-drawn traffic drives down a street in Galveston. General view of shipping lane.

Travelling shot down a highway lined with palm trees and into a city street full of goods carts.

Title: Indian War Dance by the Navajo Tribe

A tribal dance is performed for tourists by Native American Indians.

Title: Totem poles in the Cemetery. Indian Children

General view of wharf activity. Shot of a Native American totem pole, possibly near a ‘reservation’. A man hands treats to three Native American children beside a river. Overhead shot of children playing and wrestling on the wharf.

Title: Prince Rupert The Harbour and a Halibut Catch

Various shots record fishing boats around Prince Rupert Harbour in British Columbia, Canada. Fishermen bring in the catch and prepare the fish on the quayside.

A snake charmer performs for camera, picking up the snake at one point. He also performs a magic trick.

General view of fishing boats and a thatched hut.

A steam train passes by a small station stop. Travelling shot of waterfront harbour, boat traffic and shoreline.

The next sequences were filmed at locations in England including London in 1927.

Random shots of a wedding party preparing for a group portrait and a wedding car waiting outside a grand house.

A tractor is hoisted from a ship onto a wharf. A man operates the crane mechanism from the deck of the ship.

General views of traffic around Trafalgar Square and another London street, shot in the late 1920s. Travelling shot of countryside from a train. Passengers stand in a train carriage smoking. More travelling shots from train conclude this compilation.