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YFA 473



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This film documents family life including entertainment and leisure time in the garden as well as a holiday trip to Whitby and a wedding.

The film opens with a baby walking around the back garden with grandma and grandpa. This is followed by a family trip to Whitby Beach. The baby can be seen playing in the sand, and the family walks along the beach and plays in the water.
There is a brief shot of three young girls with veils on, possibly for a First Communion. This is followed by a short scene of two Army Personnel, one male and one female, who get out of a Morris Minor car and great an older woman.
There are more shots of the children playing in the back garden, including playing leapfrog. Again at Whitby, the children take donkey rides on the beach. Other members of the family play on a raft in the water.
Now on a fishing trip, a seagull can be seen perched on the boat and eating a fish fed to it by one of the passengers.
There are additional family scenes in the garden and also the new baby boy being given his first shave.
The film closes with the docks at Whitby Harbour. Fishermen can be seen loading and unloading boats using large baskets as well as hosing off the fish and surrounding dock areas.