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YFA 4453



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Made by C.H. Wood of Bradford, this is a promotional film for Arndale shopping centres and includes the official opening of the Shipley site by Bruce Forsyth.

Title-Arndale Developments Limited present.

Title-Arndale in Partnership.

The voice over says that the name Arndale is becoming increasingly familiar with people who use modern shopping centres all across Britain. There is an aerial shot of the development and of part of Shipley, as this is where the first one was built. There are shots of old fashioned and run down areas of Shipley and the voice over says that the traffic situation was bad and they had to rebuild the town centre. The idea was to build a new town centre and not to modernise the old one. This is followed by shots of planners from Arndale Development and the local council looking at plans and photos.

There are shots of the old slums being demolished and the voice over says that the people had new houses and flats built for them. There are shots of the construction of new roads and the builders, diggers and tractors all work on a large site. The builders from Arndale Developments got to work on the centre once the roads were built. There is a sequence of shots showing the development of the shopping centre.

A modern clock tower is visible on the town's skyline and lots of new trees and flowers. There are shots from one side of the new square looking at the old market which is being incorporated into the space beside the centre. There are shop units and the newly built ones that have yet to be moved into; there is also a shot of Shipley Market which is an underground shopping area with under floor heating. A woman gets onto an escalator and travels up to the shops above ground. The voice over says that local traders are never forgotten in an Arndale development and this is followed by shots of the many smaller stores that are in the centre.

At the official opening of the centre a large crowd of women, men and children gather outside waiting to be allowed in. Bruce Forsyth is the celebrity that has come to open it. The crowd surges forward but are held back by a rope as he talks to the crowd.

There are shots of another Arndale development but this one is in Lancashire. The voice over says that the distinctive features of an Arndale Development are public safety as they are separated from the traffic by a wide path and a low wall with flowers. There are lots of shots of women with prams and older people wandering around the walkways in the development. There is also a brief shot of a `Marks and Spencer' store.

The voice over continues on to talk about another Arndale Development centre but that this one is in Walkden near Manchester. Again the voice over says that shoppers are well thought of as they are completely separated from traffic as it is precinct shopping. There are shots of the centre, the walkways and the shops. The Secretary of State George Brown visits the finished centre where he makes a tour of the place and then officially opens the centre. Huge crowds of people gather to shake his hand and some of them follow him. He is accompanied by a few policemen, the Mayor and the Mayoress.

In a town near Jarrow in the south-east, the voice over informs us that the council was faced with a similar problem to Shipley. There are shots of the shops on the street, the run down houses and areas and older people and young toddlers wandering around. The Jarrow Precinct Shopping Centre was developed in partnership with Arndale. The Minister for Housing Richard Croftman takes a looks around the centre and this is followed by shots from up high looking down onto the centre and the many shoppers.

The voice over says that people are beginning to realise the ease with which all of your chores can be done when precinct shopping; the car is being used more and people have more money to spend in them. There are many shots of people wandering around and there is a brief shot of several large prams all lined up with babies in them. There is a brief shot of an F.W. Woolworth & Co. Ltd and a Hardy and Co shop. The voice over says that there is also a bowling alley so that life at the centre continues after the shoppers have gone.

The next centre filmed is Drumchapel near Glasgow. Again there are shots of the centre which was one of the first precinct centres built in the United Kingdom.

Title-Narration-John Watmough.

Cameras, F.G.Dewhirst, Keith Hardy.

Sound, M.S. Wilson.

Direction, F.G.Dewhirst.

Production, C.H.Wood (Bradford) Limited.