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YFA 4576



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This film, from the C.H. Wood collection, is one of several films about the Arndale construction company. This film contains footage from the opening event at a new shopping precinct in Drumchapel near Glasgow.

Title-Arndale Presents.

Title-Drumchapel Opening Day.

The first shot is taken from a height looking down onto the Drumchapel site. The next shot is taken down on the street where a van has been decorated with some clown figurines and a sign which reads `This is the Week-this is!'. The voice over says that today is the opening of the new township, seven miles from Glasgow. He goes on to say that at the entrance to the shopping centre is a huge letter "A" which welcomes the pubic to modern, traffic free shopping. There are shots of the "A" and people wandering around the precinct.

The voice over says that the chairman and representatives from the Arndale Property Trust await the Lord Provost who will open the centre. Four men in suits stand outside laughing and waiting as a large, black car drives up the road towards the camera. The Mayor and Mayoress get out and are greeted by Mr Longbottom of Arndale who walks them along the shopping centre. The voice over says that the shops are already doing good business. There is a shot from one of the higher levels looking down onto the Mayor and an Arndale Chairman who make their way to the Post Office terrace, where the ceremony will take place.

A long table has been set up and the Mayor, Mayoress and others sit at it and another man makes a speech. Down below, a large crowd of people have gathered to listen. The voice over talks about the design process and what amenities this shopping centre have, including underground car parking, space, no access to by traffic etc. There are shots from around the terrace and the precinct below. The Mayor then makes a speech and there are more shots of the public including a woman, who is probably a journalist, taking notes in a notebook.

In the next shot the Mayor finishes his speech, presses a button and the fountains begin to work for the first time. The voice over says that at Christmas time the central square is decorated to create a festive feeling. The Mayor and another man throw a coin in the fountain and then the Mayor walks away talking to the locals as he leaves. The voice over says that the dignitaries are then brought back through the shopping area and past a well-known super market; `Coopers'. The locals wander around carrying children and talking to each other. The voice over also says that mothers are relaxed in this shopping centre because they don't have to worry about their children coming in contact with traffic. There are shots of many prams, children and mothers walking around.

A man wears a sandwich board which reads `Miss Iris' is here today. There are shots of a young woman wearing a sash and talking to men and women; she smiles for the camera. The voice over says that she is the Scottish ice skating champion. Miss Irish asks a woman a question and then gives her a pound note when she gets it right.

The voice over says that having all of the shops in one place means that the customer can get all of their shopping in the minimum amount of time. This is followed by shots of the shop fronts including `F.W. Woolworths' and many others.

The final shot is of the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress driving off in their car with the local people waving them goodbye.

Title-Commentator: John Watmough

Music from `New Town' by Vivian Ellis.

Title-A C.H. Wood (Bradford) Production Ltd Production for
Arndale Developments Limited