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Made by Mercury Movie Makers, this film documents a sports day and fete which take place in Arncliffe village in order to raise funds to put towards the rebuilding of the village hall. Arncliffe is a small village in North Yorkshire whose houses, cottages, and other buildings face in towards a large green, and outwards to green hillsides etched with limestone scars. The village was the original setting for the fictional village of Beckindale in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale Farm, from its inception in 1972 until the relocation to Esholt.

Title - A Magnetic Sound Stripe Film Cine-Sync Sound System
KL Films Present
Arncliffe Village Sports and Fete
Produced by Ken Leckenby

The film opens in the centre of the village where residents are gathering on the village green. There is a large drum which is labelled Lofthouse and Middlesmoor Brass Band. Villagers are also congregating around the local pub waiting for the procession to start. A fancy dress procession is led by the brass band. They make their way down the small village streets to a field where the rest of the day's events will take place. At the end of the procession is a large tuck which is used to haul many bales of hay.

There is a man selling raffle tickets as part of a fundraiser.

Sign - Arncliffe Hall Rebuilding Fund
Sign - Emmerdale Cast NOT appearing due to strike!

The commentary explains that the cast of Emmerdale was due to open the fete as well as attract a large crowd to help raise funds for the building. However, Mr. Ellis does not waste any time in opening the event. He awards prizes to the winners of the children's fancy dress competition. One of the children is dressed as Kojak, and the other as a 1976 Olympian.

After the fancy dress competition there is a footrace for the children. Spectators are seated in lawn chairs at the side-lines. Following the foot race, children race down the field on Space Hoppers. Elsewhere at the event, villagers line up to purchase ice cream, and a woman is blowing up colourful balloons.

Sign - Guess the Weight? 10 p a go £2 Prize for nearest

There are other games set up as well. One involves searching through barrels of sawdust in search of a prize, and there is a shooting range set up as well. Some of the children go on pony rides, and the rolling hills of the surrounding landscape can be seen in the background.

The commentator explains that Cumberland Wrestling is a novelty in this area, and challengers are few and far between. Two men are getting ready to wrestle and strip down to long-johns and undershirts. Spectators are seated around the sectioned off ring. Billy Bland and his brother, John, take to the ring to wrestle. Intercut with footage of the wrestlers are some of the spectators seated around the ring as well as their reactions.

One of the main events of the day is the race to the top of the hill. There is a large crowd of racers who line up at the starting line waiting for the race to begin. They're off, and there are shots of the race from the bottom of the hill. The winner is able to finish the race in a record time of seven minutes, and there is footage of him as well as the second and third place runners crossing the finish line. After the race, the crowd disperses.

Title - The End
A KL Film Production