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YFA 5387



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This is a film of life on a farm near Arncliffe.  It shows many of the farm’s animals including chickens and cows, and includes footage of sheep shearing and a horse-drawn plough.

The film begins with geese in a farmyard.

Intertitle – House Martens

House martins are nesting above a barn door.  A chicken walks along a dry stone wall.

Intertitle – Mutual Help

The chicken pecks insects off of a cow which is laid down chewing cud.  There is a street sign which points in the directions of Arncliffe, Skipton, and Kettlewell.

Children are playing with a ball in the small school play yard of Arncliffe Village School.  A man puts a boy on a horse, along with his dog, and gives them a ride.

Children sit and play on the village green where cows are grazing.  There is also an old mowing machine. 

There are ducks in a pond and some cattle are herded along a county lane.  A man carries a milk urn on his back. 

Near a waterfall, sheep being herded, and a chicken is eating bread.  A woman climbs a large old tree. There are more hens feeding, and two children playing in a yard, planting cuttings into some sand.  The small boy poses for the camera. 

Sheep dogs round up the sheep and new-born lambs, some of which are fed milk from a bottle. The farmer ploughs a field with a horse drawn plough. Farmers herd sheep through a village to a farm where they get sheared and marked.   

Title – The End

Provided by Reverend G Curry of the Upper Wharfedale Museum Society