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This Pathe newsreel contains events as described by the following titles:

Titles: The Army Kinema Corporation Presents News Parade, 1947.
University athletics at Motspur Park, Surrey.

Athletes participate in 120 yards hurdles race and a high jump competition among other events.

Title - Boxers in training for the World Flyweight title.

Featured are boxer Tata Marino of Hawaii and boxer Jackie Pallender of Scotland with Alsatian.

Title - One minute news of trick motorcycle riding display at Catterick by the Royal Signals team and the Army Flying Squad practicing for the Royal Tournament.

There is an American Celebrities Golf Tournament in Washington, featuring General Eisenhower, Admiral Chester Nimitz, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Bobby Jones, Gene Saracen, Walter Hagan, Bing Crosby and Edward Arnold.

The next item featured is the 80th birthday of Queen Mary, the Queen Mother, at the Chelsea Flower Show. This is followed by the arrival of Lord Louis Mountbatten, Viceroy of India, at Northolt Aerodrome.

Smuggling and customs activities on the Brussels-Paris express train.

The 16th International Horse Show in Rome, featuring riders from Britain, Ireland, America and Italy.

Title 0 Steady Barker

Eric Barker and his radio comedy team, |The Merry Go Round Gang|, outside Olympia.

Title - News Parade The End.