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YFA 565



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Part of the Pashley Collection, this film features a day trip to Chester and its Zoo as well as a large funfair in Armley, Leeds. 

The film opens with a sign – Horseshoe Pass

Film is taken from the car as it drives along the scenic and windy path of Horseshoe Pass.  The green, rolling hills of the countryside can be seen.

Title – Chester… … and the Zoo

During this travels, the filmmaker captures street scenes of Chester, including old timber framed buildings and general shots of the town centre.  A policeman directs traffic at a busy intersection.  Following this are scenes from the Chester Zoo which include shots of various animals in captivity such as leopards, cheetahs, polar bears, seals.  After the zoo, the filmmaker and his wife go on a boat tour along the river.  There are additional shots of the city centre, bustling with traffic and pedestrians. 

Title - … and later at home

Crowds of people have turned out for the Armley Feast Fair.  There are many fairground rides and games in dodgems, the waltzer, swing roundabouts and shooting ranges.  Those in attendance make their way around to the different rides and game tents.  One woman wins a goldfish, and she holds it up on display for the camera.   Crowds are filmed walking about the fair as night begins to fall and the rides light up.

Title – and she dreamed

A woman has fallen asleep on the couch.  She begins to dream about the funfair and different places she’s been including on the boat ride previously seen in the film.  Many of the images are superimposed or fade into each other to illustrate a dream-like image.  The film ends as the woman wakes up.

Title – The End.