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YFA 2210



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The film documents a typical school camping trip and a school pantomime performance of Aladdin by students of Archbishop Holgate School, York.

The film begins with a parody of the Rank film gong struck by a strong school boy.

Title - Aladdin

Title - Staring Chin Iggie, Mick Tox, Cad Liles.

Title - And the Glamourous Boarders.

Title - Produced by Lack and Luck

Title - Screenplay by Kliv Braun.

Title - Directed by Aristide Milligram.

The film opens with a mysterious arm reaching across the screen to open a book which rests on a desk.

Title - In the rain of the Emperor Chin.

The opening shots show the Emperor's palace. The Emperor is being fanned by slaves. The next shots are external, a very complex set is seen of a Chinese street. All the boys are in Chinese traditional dress with little slippers. The action starts with a handheld cart and the Widow Twankie being carried across the set.

Lovely scenes shot in silhouette of Aladdin being captured by the villain and put into a cellar. The Genie of the Lamp appears (very funny boy in drag), and proceeds to make Aladdin's wish come true.

Title - The end.

The next shots are of a camping trip to Cornwall featuring the Boarders Scout Troop.

A young boy dressed in a scout uniform smiles as he salutes the camera.

Title -Camping in Cornwall copyright MCMLXIV

Title - Or the calls of nature?

Title - The open road.

The boys travel in a canvas covered truck.

Title - Donnovan's Delight.

The truck pulls over and kids run (perhaps needing the loo).

Title - Getting the tents up - Dry

Shots of boys putting up tents.

Title - Down to the sea.

Boys on the beach and playing in the sea.

Title - Grubs up.

Kids eating their food in the campsite.

Title - Schoddy's birthday cake.

Kids crowding round cake and eat some as well.

Title - Off to land's end.

Kids get in the truck. They drive to land's end, where they play on the beach. This is followed by shots of cliffs and the sea.

Title - Bourton-on-the-WATER.

Shots of kids exploring miniature a village, then sitting by a pond.

Title - The End.