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YFA 5653



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This film, made by Eric Hall, featurs Italy seen through its myriad waterways, from the alpine lakes to the canals of Venice.

The film opens with an Italian flag fluttering in the breeze.
Title – Aqua Italia

Title – Photographed recorded and edited by J Eric Hall

A map and guidebook to Italy are followed by various icons of the country, including the coliseum in Rome and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A further map of Italy is shown, and an assortment of boats sail on Italy’s many waterways.

In Venice, scores of gondolas punt along the canals, and two gondoliers clean their boats with cloths. Elsewhere, sailors in tradition blue and white dress take people out onto the open water in speedboats.

Rowing boats with names like Franca and Angelica are moored along the edge of a lake, with a road and town behind. A variety of lakeside scenes follows, including small beaches, a wooden jetty, and a grassy campsite covered with tents and parasols on the banks of a lake.

A woman, the filmmaker’s wife, looks around the ruins of a castle, out across a lake. A small fleet of sailing boats with white sails goes past and boats of varying sizes bob on the water in a small harbour.
The wife stands by the water’s edge in a different harbour, where a ship with many small, colourful flags on the rigging is moored. This boat then leaves its moorings and sails onto the lake.

Vast mountains rise behind yet another harbour, where a man fishes from the edge of the harbour wall and another goes snorkelling. On a sparkling blue lake, a succession of people go jet-skiing, with varying degrees of success.

A square castle with crenellated battlements has a greenish pond inside. Tourists look around, over the ramparts to the lake and over the rooftops of a town. Visitors stroll along the narrow streets, lined with light-coloured buildings. A collection of metalwork bird sculptures is on display outside an art gallery.

The film ends with more jet-skiing, sailing, the boat with colourful flags, and finally a line of rowing boats bobbing gently on sparkling water.

Title – The End