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YFA 5795



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This is advertisement for a local hairdresser.  The film features Irene, the hairdresser, giving a perm, or Marcel wave, to a client.  The film documents, in detail, each stage of the process including plugging in electric rollers.

Title – G H C Presents – By Appointment – 1935

Title – A peep into ‘Irene’s' Saloon [sic]

The outside of the salon is seen, with a shop sign of ‘Irene’s Permanent Wave’, next to another shop, ‘Parker’s (?) Accumulator Service’.

Title – A 'Permanent' Wave by the ‘Wella’ system.

A woman client comes into the saloon and takes a seat.

Title – Firstly the hair is washed.

The client has her hair cut and parted to the side.

Title – The hair is mapped out to suit the style required

The stylist puts rollers in the woman's hair.

Title – Each strand of hair is damped with the reagent.

The stylist continues to put rollers in the woman's hair until her entire head is covered before cutting the short hair near the woman's neck.  It's a long process which the woman watches reflected in the mirror.   

Title – Cotton wool prevents discomfort to the victim

Wool is stuffed underneath the rollers and wires, lots of them hanging down in four separate bundles, are plugged into the ends of the rollers.  The electricity is then turned on.

Title – Cooking

A clock is shown with 5 minutes passing.

Title – Simmering

The clock is shown again with another 5 minutes passing.  Some of the rollers are unplugged and, while waiting, the hairdresser does some knitting.  The rest of the rollers are unplugged and all are taken out.  The client inspects her hair in a mirror before having her hair washed and dried with a towel.  The hairdresser then applies some cream to the hair, rubbing it in before combing it into waves, in a Marcel pattern, curling it at the ends.

Title – A ‘perm’ takes about two hours, but it doesn’t seem long’

The hairdresser places a net over the hair of the client and combs are inserted in various places in the hair, which is then covered with a towel.

Title – Mud Pack

The ‘mud’ is applied to the client’s face, the combs and net are taken off, and again the hair is combed.
Irene smiles to the camera.

Title – Well you’ve seen how it’s done – can I book you?  

Title - Ring Horsforth 2818.
Title – A G.H.C. Production The End