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YFA 4521



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This is a film made by West Yorkshire Police of an anti-National Front demonstration in Bradford in 1978 supported by Asian organisations, Students' Unions and other left-wing groups.

The film begins in a classroom filled with police officers, with a senior police officer at the front pointing to a detailed street diagram on the board, with assembly areas marked on it. Police gathered underneath the police station are being given instructions by an officer. They leave in Ford vans of various colours: blue, white and red. In Bradford centre several dog patrols pass by a large fountain with a new glass building behind it.

The film switches to an open space where demonstrators have gathered near a banner of the Bradford Labour Party Young Socialists with a hammer and sickle and the slogan 'Workers of the World Unite'. There is also a banner for the Asian Workers Association and for Workers Action. Behind the demonstrators is the building for 'Sharp & Law' shop fitters. Other banners include the Communist Party of Bradford and Huddersfield Labour Party. The demonstrators, a mixture of Asian and white protesters, form a march with the police lining one side. Other banners are for the Indian Workers Association and Hull University Students' Union. The long demonstration assembles with a mill and tall factory in the background. One section of the march has banners proclaiming, 'Gays against Fascism' and 'Defend Manningham'. The march stewards are shown, one with a loud hailer.

As the march gets underway there is a large Asian section with a banner written in non-English. As the march makes its way along, what might be Whetley Lane past Carlisle Terrace, there is a banner for Leeds Anarchists, followed by Bradford Area Students and Nottingham University Students Union. At another point in the march there is Hull University Students' Union followed by Bradford Labour Party Young Socialists. Then comes banners for the Communist Party, Leeds Area, Communist Party of Bradford, York Communist Party and Sheffield Communist Party. There is a glimpse of a women's liberation banner. As the march approaches a school with lines of police, there can be seen banners for the York Communist Party and the Pakistani Workers Association, and a woman in a red jacket holding a camera walks past. Nearby two lines of police block a road. Then another section of the march passes, including two banners for the International Socialists, one for 'Wakefield IS' and Doncaster International Socialists, carried by a Doncaster teacher. More police block off a road behind barriers.

As the march passes through the city centre there are pedestrians with Bradford City football scarves and a banner for Derby International Socialists. On the side of the march are the banners for 'Gays against Fascism' and Leeds Anarchists. Someone carries a banner declaring 'the National Front is a Nazis Front'. As it carries along the main street there are banners for Birmingham Women's Liberation, International Socialists Wolverhampton and Bradford Gay Liberation. At the school stewards shout through their loud hailers. There is a woman in dungarees. One banner is for 'Conn Green Craobh'. The demonstration passes in front of the 'Shirt Gallery' where a group of young men on scooters watch. Bradford District International Socialists pass in front of the electricity board building. There are a large number of Asian youth on the demo. The Indian workers association of Huddersfield are having a great time. They gather in the City Centre by the fountain on a sunny day where there are speeches for a platform. Some demonstrators are being shepherded down a street by a line of police.