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YFA 5719



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This is an animation, with a somewhat sexist storyline, featuring Chunky Chimp, who, having been a happy-go-lucky bachelor, eventually marries and becomes a browbeaten husband.  Eventually his friend comes up with a plan to change Chunkey’s wife’s attitude, and Chunky goes back to his old self. 

Eric Booth presents:  Anthropoid Anecdote
A Story by the late Alec Booth
Music composed by Albert Riley, “Chunky’s Theme”
Photographer, K. Turner
Guitar, P. Hopkins
Animation, Eric Booth
Trumpet and trombone, ‘Alb n’ Al ‘, Albert Riley and Alan Millward
Narrator, Fiona Sidi
Sound transfer, Alan Sidi

The film begins with Chunky Chimp driving along in his car with the narrator explaining that Chunky is in love with his car, his guitar, and in fact with everything and everyone.  It is said that Chunky is not interested in the opposite sex, who he studiously ignores, and that he is the most eligible bachelor.  We see Chunky in his local pub playing the euphonium and buying everyone a drink after a good day at the races.  He then watches his local rugby team giving them vocal support.  

However, cupid finally catches up with Chunky.  He finally falls in love, and in no time, gets married.  But married life turns out not to be what he expected as his, “nagging wife squeezes the last drop of blood” from him.  He is now a “browbeaten husband,” losing his friends, and forced to do all the domestic work while his wife relaxes with her favourite pastime of reading her horoscope.  He trudges off to work down the pit and hand over his wage packet every Friday.  As his wife gossips with the neighbour over the garden fence he has to sell his car and gets battered with his own guitar.  He sits with his friend in the doghouse and drowns his sorrows down the pub.

But his friend Charlie Chimp comes up with the answer.  He devises a plan to trick Chunky’s wife by bribing the newspaper editor into putting in a bad prediction into his wife’s horoscope, which she reads.  Upset by this she consults a clairvoyant.  Only this turns out to be Charlie Chimp in disguise, and he warns of Chunky doing her in and burying her.  This causes Chunky’s wife to repent, and after giving her a spanking, Chunky “regains his manhood.”  Back at the doghouse, Chunky is now back to his old self playing the euphonium.

Title – The End