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NEFA 22277



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An amateur film made by Michael John Keane of the Cleveland Playbus taking part in an annual rally that in 1978 took place in Nottingham. As well as views of the many playbuses taking part in the rally, the film also features a visit by a number of local dignitaries. The film ends with everyone involved having a bit of fun playing a game of football using an over-sized ball.

The film opens on a row of colourfully decorated double-decker playbuses parked in a field behind a building. One of the buses is painted orange with drawings and designs down the side. The destination board on another blue bus reads ‘6 Wheel Fun Mobile’, another reads ‘Social Work Department Playbus’. Other playbuses featured include one from Cleveland County Council, Wigan, Slough, Birmingham and Yardley. A woman walks past looking at the buses pulling a child’s buggy.

Nearby a small group of people stand beside one of the buses, beside them a Rolls-Royce car with a shield emblem on its roof which begins to reverse slowly. In between two of the buses a number of children can be seen bouncing around on an inflatable play area.

The film cuts to show a female dignitary getting into the back of the Rolls-Royce, the driver holding the door for her. Two men, one wearing mayoral chains, walks away from buses. A woman in a red top rests her elbows on the front one of the buses as the two seen previously get into the Rolls-Royce. The car drives away and one of the men inside waves.

On-board one of the play buses a small group of people stand or sit around chatting intercut with views of the onboard play facilities. ‘Edinburgh’ is painted on one of the buses window panes. A life-sized Womble poster is attached to a set of white-boards. On-board the Yardley play bus more views play facilities including a slide and a tyre-swing with three adults standing or sitting nearby talking.

Three women approach wearing matching t-shirts for the Wakefield Play Bus. Downstairs a meeting is taking place with a woman speaking to the group while a man sitting beside her lights a pipe.

Outside in the field a group of children play with an over-sized inflatable ball rolling it across the grass. Two men join the fun throwing the ball into the air. More men and women stand around nearby watching and the film ends with them all getting into the action and enjoying an improvised game of football with them rushing and jostling with each other chasing the ball around the field.

End title: Annual Playbus Rally 1978 Nottingham. The end