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YFA 5984



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This is a film of the Scout Group of St Thomas Groves, Lord Mayor’s Own, York, out on their annual camp near West Witton, North Yorkshire.

Scouts carrying their camping gear clamber onto the back of a lorry and drive off.  Some of the journey is filmed from the top as they pass West Witton and arrive in a field at High Wanless Farm, on the south bank of the River Ure, between Leyburn and Aysgarth.   Here they erect their tents.  They have tea next to a stream and then continue, erecting a large communal tent.  They carry their kit into their tents, get washed and changed and cook a meal on an open fire, and sit and eat in the communal tent.  Afterwards they wash up.
The troop stand in a circle around the flag pole as a Union Jack flag is raised.  Their clothing is laid out for inspection. There is more washing of pots and pans.  They exchange pennants with another group of Scouts wearing Tilley hats, possibly from Canada.  They make bamboo frames for other open tents in which to cook.  There is a table decked out in sweets for sale.  They then participate in their uniforms in some kind of ceremony, and they go off to chop wood for the fire.

They also make a raft and a rope swing bridge across a river, which the woman leader goes across in makeshift seat.  They then have a game of cricket, followed by a game in the wood, a blindfolded sisal trail, entailing them following each in a line.  The Union Jack flag is lowered.

Title – The End 

[the film has a script for a soundtrack]