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NEFA 22168



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Amateur film made by John Percival Staddon in the early 60s of his grand daughter Anne maintaining her bike, assisted by mother, and practicing for her National Cycling Proficiency test.

Title: Anne Wins Her Cycling Badge

The film-maker's grand daughter Anne wheels her bicycle down the driveway of her home and parks it against the house wall. She pumps up the tyres of the bicycle. Her mother joins her, while the young girl stands holding her bike. Her mother checks the bicycle over, she gives the young girl an apron and some cloths. With the bike turned upside down the young girl cleans the bike’s wheels. She then oils the rear wheel bearings, then the front wheel, then spins it.

Her mother comes out to check over the bike again. Anne holds the bike by the handlebars. A pendant on the bike reads ‘Manchester’.

She rides off down the road and back again showing the slowing down hand signal. She poses for the camera, a National Cycling Proficiency Badge pinned to her cardigan.