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YFA 2416



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This is a film made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer in Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire. The film includes footage of local weddings which took place, a fashion show, and a trip to the zoo. Bradshaw was a keen filmmaker and would often take films of such events as a record of village life.

The film opens with a few shots of the filmmaker's house before showing the bride and groom exiting the church after their wedding ceremony. They quickly get into the waiting car, and other guests follow them out of the church. It appears to be a quite windy day.

The next scene documents a fashion show. Women and teenage girls walk onto a small stage where they model different outfits. Most are quite conservative, but featured are casual dresses as well as coats and eveningwear. The women gather together on stage at the end of the show and pose for a picture. Following the show, they are all seated at a long table where they enjoy tea.

There is a horseshow which takes place most likely on the grounds of the filmmaker's farm. Different riders make their way around a small circle before retiring to the sidelines.

Next is a day out at the zoo. Many animals are shown before a show is put on for an audience. The show involves chimpanzees who are dressed in human clothes. They perform different stunts including walking on stilts and riding a bike.

The final scene (faded quite magenta) features another local wedding at the Reighton Methodist Church. Numerous guests arrive and make their way down the pathway and into the church before the wedding party arrives. Some of the guests carry umbrellas. The bride arrives, and she and the wedding party pose for pictures at the entranceway of the church before making their way inside. They pose for pictures after the ceremony as well before guests shower them with confetti as they get into a waiting car.

The film ends with scenes of the family posing outside the house. An older man tends the garden.