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YFA 5149



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This film features the a family of three daughters and the schools they attend, Oakdale Preparatory School and Harrogate College.  The girls are shown with their mother visiting various places, including Ripon.

The film begins showing the covers of several school brochures: Lowther College; St Leonard’s School and St Katherine’s School, St Andrew’s, Fife; Wycombe Abbey School, Bucks.; Cheltenham Ladies’ College; and Harrogate College, followed by a picture postcode of Harrogate College.  Then the film shows the Common Entrance Examination for girl’s schools in English.

The film switches to show R W Forsyth store in Edinburgh, and a school girl is accompanied by her mother, entering a shop.  and a school girl, accompanied by her mother, entering a shop.  The sisters come out of a house, Bretby House, before the girl says farewell to her sisters and gets into a car, which has a large case in the boot with her name on it and the car drives off.  Two women arrive at a house marked number 67.  Then there is a sign for Ripon and the girl, her mother and the two sisters, wander around the shops and market stalls.  They come out of Ward Drapers and walk down Kirkgate and visit the Cathedral before continuing their walk around Ripon.

The film switches to a different day with the mother and two girls waiting outside a church for the congregation to emerge.  They finally do, including a large party of school girls, and the mother meets up with her daughter.  There is a view over the church and the surrounding area.  Then there is a sign for Oakdale Harrogate College Preparatory School, on Kent Road.  Then the film shows a letter from the school stating that the girl can take an exam at 12.20 pm on Saturday, signed by a M Killingley.  Then the family and an older lady leave the school.

Next there is a painted sign for Labornum Farm, with one of the sisters coming out of a farm house, which has an ‘Open’ sign outside the door.  They walk off down a country lane and pick wild flowers from the side of the road.  They visit Monks Hall and are next on a busy shopping street with lots of glass canopies, looking in the shop windows, including a large shop called ‘Smith and Son’ before getting into a car.       

The film switches to a school, where families are milling around, and the school girls are looking out from an upstairs window.  The girls are next seen in their gym wear. Then the film shows a brochure for Oakdale Festival of the Arts, Summer 1954, followed by one for Oakdale Preparatory School Prizegiving and Entertainment, Saturday July 10th 1954.  A large case and other small items of furniture are loaded into the family car and they drive off.  They are next in a road, with a vicar riding by on a bicycle.  Next there is a sign for Harrogate College, Lincoln Lodge.  Some girls are sitting in the window of the lodge.

The film finishes with a brief look at a fox hunt going down a country lane.