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YFA 2335



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This is one of a number of fictional films made by amateur filmmaker Bill Edgar, receiving a 4 Star award in the Amateur Cine World Ten Best Competition.  It is a moral, yet comedic tale of a man who dreams that he goes to hell as a result of his wrongdoings under the influence of alcohol.

Title: 'B Vincent Edgar in, and so to Hell'
With: Roland Wright, June Millward, Douglas J Cumming, David J Wild
Cameraman: Trevor Walley, Produced by Frank Sykes, Directed by B Vincent Edgar
Narration written by Trevor Walley, spoken by B Vincent Edgar, impromptu music by Harry Gibson

The film begins with a man walking drunkenly passed a row of terraced houses at night, with the words spoken: "Take care my friends and heed the tale I tell, that which begins in joy may pave the way to hell".  He reaches his house and staggers through the front door.  Inside he is confronted by his angry wife who pushes him knocking him onto the floor.  As he lays there unconscious, he dreams that he is walking along a path through a misty wood.  He stops at the gate of a large house.  On the front, there is a sign which reads, 'Ring twice for Gabriel.'  He does so, and he is let in by a man dressed as the angel Gabriel.

Inside the house there are drawers for, 'Halo polish', 'stardust' and 'harp resin.'  Gabriel hangs up his halo, and at a table in an office, they sit down together and look through a large old book.  Gabriel makes a phone call, and the narrator states: "This strange new world, clad in a mist, hath no place for me upon its list."  Gabriel then escorts the man back out through the gates.  The man continues on his way along the path and down some steps, seeing a sign that states: 'Nearly there now.'  He carries on down the long flight of steps until he reaches another sign:  'You are now entering the red sector,' with the narrator saying, 'Down and down to the Erath's bottom-most bed, now the light changes to death's bright red.'  At this, the light in the film changes to red.

The man meets a red figure with horns, looking like the devil, who beckons him over.  The man picks up a tablet, 'the Devil's Command', and swears an oath on it.  One of the Devil's servants shows him a block with 'Exhibit A' written on it.  The devil makes an accusation, and the man shakes his head in denial.  The door to hell opens.  Then comes, 'Exhibit B', which is the figure of a beautiful woman.  Again he shakes his head, and the door to hell opens a bit wider.  The Devil's servant places a black cap on his head and he sentences the man.  As he is about to go into the flames, his wife wakes him up.  The narrator states, 'Take care my friends heed my tale of drink, it began in joy and ends on Hell's brink.'

The End