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This film is one of the products of a scheme set up in 1948 at Ellerby Lane School that aimed to teach English and Film appreciation. It is a shortened version of an 800 foot film made in 1955 by the children of the Senior Two class and includes interesting footage of a typical day in that school as well as footage from in and around Leeds.

Title - This is a shortened version of an 800 feet film scripted and shot in 1955 by children of class Senior Two of Ellerby Lane School, Leeds. The film was part of an experiment in the teaching of film appreciation and English, conducted by J.C. Uncles and R.G. Holloway of the City of Leeds Training College, with the help of R.A. Lilliot, Headmaster and the class teacher Miss F.M. Parsonage

A girl and boy hold up a blackboard: "In and About Ellerby Lane". They flip it over: "Scripted and Filmed by Senior 2"

The first scene begins in a bus station in Leeds. The camera moves to show cars, buildings, smoking factories and big chimneys.

A boy writes in class, the camera looking over his shoulder like a teacher. A close up of a watch indicates that it's quarter past nine. The whole class is writing and concentrating on their work. They are arranged in desks of two. A boy and a girl approach the teacher next to the blackboard. Written on it is: "Arithmetic, page -4, Ex. D and E. Fractions", with an equation written underneath. The teacher points at the numbers and tries to explain something. Satisfied, the children return to their seats.

The children pour out of school into the playground and jump run, play with balls, marbles and skipping ropes. A girl comes out and brings Miss Parsonage a cup of tea on a saucer. Some boys plot to disrupt a group of girls' skipping. They snatch the rope but then find themselves unable to use it. The girls demonstrate. To signal the end of break, a girl comes out and repeatedly bangs a small drum. She smiles and looks like she is putting a lot of effort into her task.

What follows are brief glimpses into different classes.

There is a legless skeleton hung from the ceiling in a classroom. The teacher pokes at it and explains whilst children watch. In biology, a girl (Jacqueline Grace Hainsworth, nee Ormiston) cuts up a heart. In chemistry, girls do an experiment involving Bunsen burners and test tubes. They make notes on their findings. They also poke little creatures living in a fish tank.

The camera looks down on the street, and then cuts to the children all stood round a large box on a table. It is a miniature model of the street. A teacher points things out about it to them.

A ball rolls out of the school gates and a group of children chase after it. It stops on a cobbled roads and a boy runs to get it, causing a car to swerve out of the way so as not to hit him.

Boys have physical education in the yard, doing presses, jumping over a vaulting horse, and doing front flips over on their head. Girls do dance in the hall, accompanied by piano.

A boy does a technical drawing. The pupils bring their work to the front and the teacher advises them on how to improve their work. Girls sew and model their work for the teacher.

Near the end of the day, the clock looks to say around ten to four, the children all line up and stand in the hall for assembly. They sing a song, and the headmaster speaks at the front. They all also say a prayer.

Outside school, a lollipop man helps mothers and pupils cross the street. A boy walks home and is greeted by his mother on the doorstep. They go inside their terraced house. Inside, the boy paints a model, keeping his paints in an Oxo tin. On the street, lots of children are playing out. It is cobbled and has a washing line going across it with clothes on. A girl runs out of her house and down the street. She comes to a house next to "Denbigh's Cleaners and Dryers" and knocks on the door. Another girl comes out to play. They go to the park, where a lot of children are on the swings.

On a street of terraced houses, a woman hangs washing on a line whilst an old couple watches either her or the camera from their front step. A dog stands near them. The old man wears a flat cap.

Children play next to the canal and there are shots of the industrial landscape. Then two girls and two boys in a group wave to the camera and then walk away down a street.

Title - The End.