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YFA 3380



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This is a promotional film which highlights the ancient and modern aspects of what was once the Bramhope Manor Estate located between Otley and Leeds. 

The film opens with views of the new Trust House Forte hotel on the Bramhope site. According to the commentary, this modern hotel is a perfect spot for the business traveller to stay due to its location near motorways allowing easy access to cities of the north such as Leeds. There are exterior shots of the hotel and surrounding grounds. A women walks around them as the commentary informs that there are over one hundred rooms and all facilities are first class.

In a quiet area near the hotel, there is a Puritan Chapel dating from 1645. The commentary explains the history of the chapel including its original construction as well as curators past and present. At the same time the same women walks around the exterior of the building moving inside the church to sit at the pews and stand at the alter. The building is very plain with a simple geometric design and one small bell on the arched roof. Inside the plain wood pews, alter, and windows are shown. The commentary informs that over the years, the church fell into disrepair. However, its current curators have restored the church and are keeping it in good condition. The final scenes show the women talking to the groundskeeper as well as some plain gravestones that are placed outside the church.