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YFA 2925



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This short film documents a cruise to Greece and, as the title suggests, the variance in life from the modern ship and towns, to the ruins of ancient Greece, especially Acropolis.

A small white statue of a Greek woman in the middle of the screen, in front of a blue curtain, it begins to revolve. Titles:
"Ancient and Modern"
"A journey by sea to historical Greece".

There is a large cruise ship on the sea, with the name "Canberra" down the side. Flags of varying nationalities fly on the top of the ship, and there is a life ring with the words "Cabrera London" on it.

A number of people sit on the deck, the front of the ship, many people lay on sunbeds. A man takes photos of the sea from the ship. Lots more people come on deck now, children are playing games. Many examples of ladies' fashion, dresses etc., and lots of transmitters (?)/equipment on deck. There is a pool on deck with children swimming, and lots of elderly passengers spectate from the many levels of the ship.

A waiter in a white suit serves those on deck. A different pool now, with a pole across the middle, two men in swimming trunks with pillows in their hands sit on the pole and edge towards each other, and there is a large crowd spectates. They reach the middle and hit each other, then both instantly fall off into the pool.

Women in swimming costumes and headscarves talk to one another. Two different men on the same pole, doing the same as other, one is victorious and stays on the pole as the other falls. Audience applaud.

Six young couples stand on the edge of the pool, the men in pyjamas, the women in swimming costumes. They all jump in at once, swim a length, and climb out. Then the men dress their partners in the pyjamas they were wearing.

A small child in a white hat and red trunks plays in the shallow end of a toddlers' pool, which is next to another children's' pool.

There is a map of the cruise liner's route followed by a Greek coastline and landscape. People are getting off a small Greek boat onto a wooden jetty. Numbers on the side of the boat read "1646". Most passengers are elderly, wearing dresses and hats.

At a Greek market, souvenirs are being sold. This is followed by another small Greek boat, carrying tourists, approaches the jetty. The market: a man with a camera looks at sponges/loofas(?). Many high rise Greek apartments in background, a market stall selling more souvenirs, mainly ornaments and dolls and Greek pottery. A Greek man selling loofas he is carrying on his back. Tourists barter with children selling cigars.

There is a shot of ancient fields with Greek ruins. A temple stands on the top of the hill. Many ladies in dresses walk from a bus towards the ruins, and many more tourists walk amongst the ruins.

There is a map of Acropolis as it was, and now how it is today (1962). This is followed by a view of the cruise liner on the sea from the ruins of Acropolis and many different Greek buildings, ranging from a coliseum to shanty towns.

Greek guards, dressed in uniform, are marching. In a Greek town, there are many cars, people and buses. The film closes with a view of the port overlooking many boats of varying sizes.

(The same revolving Greek statue from the beginning.)
Title: "The End".