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YFA 1101



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Shortly after returning from her famous flight to Australia, Amy Johnson visited Hedon on 11th August, 1930.  This film documents her visit and includes footage of her plane and her meeting with the Mayor and Mayoress.   

The film opens with a shot of the crowd and officials gathered awaiting the arrival of Amy Johnson.  Several planes fly past in an air display.  Amy Johnson’s plane lands, and Amy sits on the plane waving to the crowds as she is greeted by the Mayor.  She is then presented with a bouquet of flowers by the Mayoress.  There are close up shots of the plane |Jason| no. G-AAAH, before it is pushed away by the mechanics.  Amy Johnson gives speech from the podium.  The film then cuts away to scenes of crowds who line the street to watch the official cars pass.  There is also footage of the city streets showing trams.  The film ends with shots of an official ceremony with Amy Johnson greeting guests.

Parts of the film have been removed for online viewing due to poor transfer as a result of damaged film.