Film ID:
YFA 4201

A.M.E.M.E. EVENT 1953


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This film documents some of the activities of the Association of Mining, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in Scarborough, June 1953. The film includes footage of the Scarborough coast, dinner at the Grand Hotel, and a fashion show.

Title-AMEME June 1953

A man is sitting on a balcony overlooking the sea; he is reading a paper and he waves at the camera.

The shot, taken from a balcony, starts on one side of the Scarborough coast and moves all the way along showing the pier, the sea, and people on the beach and cars on the road driving along the coast road.


A large group of men gather outside the Manor Hotel; they are dressed in suits and most of them are smoking pipes. Several private hire buses are lined up outside the hotel. The men all smile at the camera and one of the men jokes with another man and rubs his head. An occasional woman comes out of the hotel and walks past the men.

A woman stands beside one of the buses and wears the driver's cap; she chats to someone. Three women stand beside one of the buses posing and chatting; they are all wearing skirt suits and hats. A large group of women are milling around a bus and then they board it.

Shot of a group of men across the road on the steps of the Grand Hotel; many of them walk towards the camera and smile as they walk past it.

The women's bus drives off and leaves the men behind; some of the women wave as they leave. There are more shots of the men gathered outside smoking. A man stands behind an older man and takes his hat off his head and they both laugh. Four other men have a laugh and then three of them force the fourth man to sit on a chair in front of them; one of the men flattens his hair.

The next scene takes place in the hotel dining room; some of the men and women are having a meal and smiling at the camera. The waiters and waitresses mill about serving people; they are wearing old-style uniforms with aprons, black dresses and head pieces for the women and black suits and gloves for the men.

Back outside the hotel the men are still standing around; one of the men sticks his tongue out at the camera and laughs.

There are lingering shots of the colourful flowers and grounds of the hotel. This is followed by shots of the women getting off the bus and heading into the hotel; some of them pose with the men as they walk by.


Title-The Stephenson Hawthorn Visit.

The group of men get off a bus and file into a building.
The men are sitting posing in front of a steam engine with `National Coal Board on the side. There is a shot of an engine taken from a moving train and then shots of some of the men on different engines, pretending to drive them. Some of the men also get to go on moving trains and there is a shot taken from a moving train looking down at three men who wave at the camera.


Title-The Mannequin Parade

Women sit at tables in a function room and watch a fashion show. They models wear different styles of dresses and walk up and down the room while they do some turns. Occasionally they stop to talk to one of the women and let them look closely at the material.

The women file out of the function room after the fashion show; they smile and wave at the camera.

Back outside the men smile and wave at the camera and one man makes a face and crosses his eyes.

Title-The fellow wot turned the handle says goodbye to Scarborough and looks to Glasgow.