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YFA 495



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In this film there is footage taken on a trip to Ambleside in the Lake District. There are shots of family gatherings and the residents of a village.

The film opens with two men and two women in a yard feeding and petting pigs. The following scene is on a residential street where two elephants wander along towards the camera; behind them are groups of local people and school children.

There are shots of a stone building and then shots of big, black cars driving through a flooded section of road.

In the next few shots a woman sits in the car eating something out of a small box with a spoon; she looks out of the passenger window and smiles at the camera. Then a man poses beside the car eating the same thing. There is a brief shot of the two of them standing in a doorway and smiling at each other and the car.

Outside a shop two men wearing work coats wash the path with buckets of water; they smile and joke with each other. One of the men winds a press-type machine which is positioned outside of the shop.

A couple and a young boy are beside a fast-flowing river; the countryside around them is visible.

A man, two women and two young boys sit and stand on some stone steps in a garden, they all joke about for the camera. One of the boys holds up something on a string and the man prods one of the women in the back.

The next scene opens with a shot of mountains taken from the opposite side of a lake. Two cruise boats are moored at a jetty with a sign which reads `Ambleside Motor Launch'. Then there are views of the lakeside, the buildings surrounding the lake and the people at eh lake edge. A small boat sails into the harbour and another, larger boat sails along with a car on deck.

Two women stand outside a building looking at a piece of paper; a little girl with a suitcase stands beside them smiling at the camera. A bus destined for `Newcastle-On-Tyne' drives along a road and stops. The two women and the girl board it.

There is a brief shot of a man in overalls working a hand pump; a man in a suit is beside him and they both joke about.

A boy stands on steps leading down to the rough sea; he runs back up the steps when the sea comes near to him. His mother is standing behind him laughing at him. The mother and another woman stand smiling at the camera. In the next shot people are sitting around on benches around the sea wall.

Two young boys play with spinning tops on a residential street.

The next shots are of fishing boats in the harbour; a man and two boys walk along the pier beside the sea. Large steam ships are visible out to sea and there is a shot of a man riding a horse bare back in the shallow water beside the sea wall. There is also a brief shot of what appears to be a canal barge sailing along near the pier.

The last few shots are of a small, toy, tank driving over stones and a man smoking with two women beside him.