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YFA 324



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a holiday with family and friends walking around Pontresina and Saas-Fee in Switzerland.

Title Alpine Pathways
Intertitle - The story of much walking and some scrambling around Pontresina and Saas-Fee . . at heights where the August gentians bloom

Intertitle - Southward through England

The film begins with a cricket game in the grounds of a manor house; then a journey south passing castles with a sunset. They arrive in London, where they look at some boats on the Thames.

Intertitle - Next morning dawns still and sunny and we board the Zurich plane at London Airport (Heathrow)

The boarding, take off, flight and landing of the plane is filmed, some from the underside of the plane.

Intertitle - First impressions of Zurich

They take a tour of the city, showing the streets, traffic and shop windows. They also take a boat journey and then show the city at night.

Intertitle - Zurich to Pontresina via Chur and Bergun

They travel by train to Pontresina, filming the views on the journey from the train. The film shows the town and the surrounding countryside.

Intertitle - First morning - by rail to Morteratsch, then up to Boval Hut

Passengers board the train and they arrive at their destination, where they take a walk up to the Boval hut, carrying knapsacks. From time to time the walking group take a rest from the climb to have some refreshments and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. They stop at a caf? for drinks. They make their way back down and travel back by train.

Intertitle - As we're back early the first day let's explore Pontresina

There is more film taken around Pontresina, including a St Bernard's dog pulling a small trailer, ski-lifts up the mountains and people in the street.

Intertitle - Roseg Valley, then over Fuorca Surlej to St Moritz

They do more walking, passing young deer in a forest, cattle grazing and other rural scenes. They stop at a restaurant, and film the wild flowers growing in the rocks and the view of the lakes in the valleys below.

Intertitle - Hot tea, but someone forgot to bring the cups!

They take it in turns to drink tea from a paper bag.

Intertitle - St Moritz

Cattle are seen roaming the streets of St Moritz.

Intertitle - The Diavolezza hut was saved for a perfect day

They take a train and then a walk up a mountain, across snow and ice, before arriving at the hut. They stop for refreshment and admire the view. Further on they see an avalanche.

Intertitle - Ten hours, by train, across Switzerland to Stalden

They board the Glacier Express, and film the journey, passing a derailed train lying on its side, and stopping at various stations.

Intertitle - From Stalden the post-bus negotiates a mountain road to Saas-Fee, but short of the village the road ends.

They get in their car.

Intertitle - The old pilgrim path is a more fitting approach

They visit an old church where women carry wicker baskets on their backs.

Intertitle - First morning up to Melig to get our bearings

They walk up the mountain, taking in the view from the top. They make their way back down again and take refreshment when they get to the bottom.

Intertitle - The path to Mattmark

Some children play on swings and there is a view over the village. Again they go off walking, having a picnic near a waterfall.

Intertitle - Bider Alp

At Bider Alp there are old wooden buildings and women in traditional dress carrying baskets on their backs. They go for another walk, and stop for refreshments.

Intertitle - 5.45 am start for the Langefluh Hut

They go for another walk up a mountain, to a caf? at the top.

Intertitle - Across the glacier to the Britannia hut

They continue upwards, going over an icy stretch where they have to be tied together by rope.

Intertitle - Departure

They board a bus.

Inter Villenueve to Geneva

They cross the lake to Geneva, and then board a plane for the flight back.

The End