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NEFA 20490



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A short film documenting the visit of a group of disabled children from Pendower Hall Special School, Newcastle upon Tyne, to Alnwick Show where they pet and ride horses and ponies.

Title (hand-written on a piece of paper): Alnwick Show 1972

Title: Riding for the Disabled Pendower Hall Cr

A mini-bus drives out of a garage; then travelling shots, probably aboard the bus, of the journey towards Alnwick.

View of Alnwick market place, and of neighbouring streets.

Horses are led and then ridden around a race course.

Views of children, some of them disabled, petting ponies and horses.

Horses and carts tour the showground.

Children ride ponies.

A woman, surrounded by a group of children, holds a miniature dog, which the children pet.

Views of children with rosettes pinned on their arms.

Title (hand-written): The End

Note: Opened in January 1925 as Pendower Open-Air School in a converted Victorian mansion, located on the West Road. The school was designed so that 'delicate' children could be strengthened by exposure to plenty of sunshine and fresh air. In 1971 new school premises were built in order to provide better facilities for children with serious physical disabilities including cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy and heart diseases. The new school included a residential unit as well as teaching and medical units. The school closed in July 1999.