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NEFA 22046



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Amateur record of the first Alnwick Fair in June 1969 filmed by Vic Cross.

This short film opens with a general view of a car park and Alnwick Gate, people arriving for the colourful opening procession of the Alnwick Fair on Sunday, 22nd June, 1969.  The annual fair ran during the last week in June.

Local people gather for the opening ceremony. The master of ceremonies opens the fair and a proclamation is read out. Choir boys are lined up nearby. Various shots of the crowd follow.

A dray pulled by horses, possibly owned by Vaux of Sunderland, is driven towards the Market Place. Crowds are ahead of the procession as it heads up the street in the background, including photographers. The town crier, dressed in a red jacket, leads the parade of red-unifomed soldiers, various horse-pulled trade carts such as Ringtons, a boy in a jester's costume on a horse, men, women and children dressed in costumes dating from 1750 to 1850. Many of the women are in crinoline dresses.

The parade moves along Fenkle Street, Maynards sweet shop in the background, and stops in the Market Place. Morris dancers perform to a good sized crowd.

The Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, also dressed in costume, pose for a portrait shot, smiling.